Light Blue Kitchen Dining Room
Red Bench Chair and Painting
Gold Wall with Tortoise Shell Fireplace
Pamela Scout design began in 2006, as both a natural progression for owner Pamela Bush, who'd parried a degree in the history of art into a career in commercial fine and decorative arts, and as a direct response to requests from her customers. The boutique allowed Pam free rein to display her meticulously curated approach to sourcing and styling interiors. Her aesthetic struck a chord, and scout design now offers full design services, to include the work of talented artisans in custom cabinetry, drapery fabrication, upholstery, tile installation and painting/paper hanging. Successful projects have ranged in scale from sourcing all fixtures, finishes, and lighting for new construction homes to reinventing an interior with the addition of an appealing new paint color. While reflecting a client's personality and interests is always her first priority, Pam brings her own love of eclecticism to every project, mixing it up with antique, vintage and contemporary finds.

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